December 12, 2012

Are you an AGS member and would like to write an original article for the next newsletter? The article doesn’t have to be technical. But factual, non-biased material is preferred.

Deadline - January 1, 2013

Length - 1/2 to 1 page.

Topic - You pick a topic of interest…some ideas that quickly came to mind:

  • The career of an AGS member, how they got involved in the industry, how it has changed or not. Maybe there is an older member you want to honor by informing the rest of PSAAPG know about their career accomplishments.
  • Something from your professional involvement with AAPGor PSAAPGor AGS, etc.
  • interesting stories of drilling, discovery, field work, .colorful characters
  • Some field issues/problems that the “lower 48ers” would not encounter; bears, cold weather, scenery, extensive travel

If you give Tim the facts, he can wordsmith it into an article…you don’t have to write the text yourself.

Photos - Also,we would like to get 2-3 photos of Alaska geology or scenery to put on the cover of an upcoming newsletter. Not necessarily related to an Alaska text article.

For the Nov-Dec PPG newsletter, we had articles from Coast GS and LABGS groups. We want to get input from NCGS, SPA, and Alaska over the next couple of editions (obviously, NW Energy Assn. would be good too.)


Tim Elam
Editor 2012-2014


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