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AGS Calendar of Events - AGS Luncheons and Other Events

Alaska Geological Society luncheon meetings are held at the BP Energy Center in Anchorage, Alaska. The meetings are typically scheduled on the 3rd Tuesday of each month 11:30 am - 1 pm, unless noted below. Everyone is invited.


AGS Luncheons

January 18, 2018, Thursday
Speaker: Dr. George Case, USGS, Anchorage
Topic: The Alaska Resoiurce Data File (ARDF): More Than Just a Database

February 20, 2018, Tuesday
Speaker: Dr. Jeff Benowitz, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Topic: “Cenozoic Off-set History of the Denali Fault System”

March 20, 2018, Tuesday
Speaker: Trystan Herriot, State of Alaska
Topic: “Sequence-stratigraphic framework of the Middle Jurassic Chinitna Formation, Cook Inlet forearc basin, south-central Alaska”

April 20, 2018, Friday, 9-4 pm
AGS Spring Technical Conference
Location: CPISB, UAA, Anchorage

April 24, 2018, Tuesday
Speaker: Josef Chmielowski, State of Alaska Division of Oil and Gas, Anchorage
Topic: “Pikka-Horseshoe, Willow and Smith Bay: Unraveling Three New Discoveries with Publicly Available Data"

May 15, 2018, Tuesday
Speaker: Dr. Erin Shea, University of Alaska, Anchorage
Topic: "The end game of arc magmatism: Using geochronology and geochemistry to understand how arcs shut off"

September 18, 2018, Tuesday
Speaker: Hannah R. Dietterich, U.S Geological Survey, Alask Volcano Observatory, Anchorage
Topic: "Eruption Response and Preliminary Observations of the 2018 Eruption of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii"

October 23, 2018, Tuesday
Speaker: Chad Hults, U.S. National Park Service, Anchorage
Topic: "From Fossils to Glaciers: Structure from Motion (3D Modeling) in Alaska National Parks"

November 20, 2018, Tuesday
Speaker: John Lyons, U.S. Geological Survey, Alaska Volcano Observatory, Anchorage
Topic: "Can You Hear Me Now? Monitoring and Studying Active Volcanoes with Low Frequency Sound in Alaska, Hawaii, and Beyond"

December 13, 2018, Thursday
Speaker: TBA
Topic: TBA

Other Events of Interest

AGS = Alaska Geological Society
AAEP = Alaska Association of Environmental Professionals
AMA = Alaska Miners Association
GSA = Geophysical Society of Alaska
RDC = Resource Development Council
SPE = Society of Petroleum Engineers

January 22-26, 2018, Monday-Friday
Alaska Marine Science Symposium
Location: Hotel Captain Cook, Anchorage

January 24, 2018, Wednesday, 7-10 pm
AMA - Alaska Night at AME-BC Roundup
Location: Vancouver Convention Center West, Meeting Room City Foyer 208/209, Vancouver BC Canada

February 8, 2018, Thursday, 11:30-1 pm
GSA - Ellie Boyce UNAVCO, “How GPS is used in geodesy”
Location: Glenn Olds Hall, USGS, Anchorage

February 12, 2018, Monday
Alaska Forum on the Environment
Location: Dena'Ina Center, Anchorage

February 13, 2018, Tuesday, 6 pm
AEG - Eldon Gath; Earth Consultants International. AEG Distinguished Lecturer
Location: Glacier Brewhouse, Anchorage

February 15, 2018, Thursday
AAEP - Brown Bag Speaker Series
Location: BP Energy Center, Anchorage

February 15, 2018, Thursday, 4:30-8 pm
AAEP - Networking Social Hour and Annual Membership Meeting
Location: Glacier Brewhouse, Anchorage

March 1, 2018, Thursday, 4-5 pm
UAA - Samual Zipper, University of Victoria: “Water Science for the Anthropocene: Eco-hydrological feedbacks following land cover change”
Location: Social Science Bldg. 118, UAA, Anchorage

March 8, 2018, Thursday, 11:45 am
GSA - Keith Millis, SAExploration “Compressive seismic imaging”
Location: ConocoPhillips, Anchorage

March 15, 2018, Thursday, 11:45 am
AAEP - Brown Bag Speaker Series
Location: BP Energy Center, Anchorage

March 26-31, 2018, Monday-Friday
AMA - Spring Convention
Location: Carlson Center, Fairbanks

April 6, 2018, Friday, 11:45 am
UAA - Bob Loeffler, ISER: “Water Quality Issues and Control in Mining”
Location: Engineering Bldg. Rm. 211, UAA Anchorage

April 10, 2018, Thursday
AWRA - Alaska Water Resources: Science, Policy, and Technology
Location: Rasmuson Hall, Alaska Pacific University, Anchorage

April 12, 2018, Thursday
GSA - Carrie Laudon, Geophysical Insights
Location: ConocoPhillips, Anchorage

April 17, 2018, Tuesday, 11:45 am
AAEP - Brown Bag Speaker Series
Location: BP Energy Center, Anchorage

April 17, 2018, Tuesday, 5 pm
AWC - Anchorage Waterways Council Annual Meeting
Location: Resolution Brewery

April 20, 2018, Friday, 11:45 am
UAA - Susan Wilson, 3rd Rock Consulting LLC: “Ground Temperature monitoring”.
Location: Engineering Bldg. Rm. 211, UAA, Anchorage

May 10, 2018, Thursday, 11:45 am
GSA - Dr. William Symes, Rice University 2018 SEG Distinguished Lecturer
Location: ConocoPhillips, Anchorage

May 20-23, 2018
AAPG Annual Convention & Exhibition
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

May 31, 2018
AOGA - Alaska Oil & Gas Association. Annual Conference “The Great Debate”
Location: Dena’ina Center, Anchorage

June 7, 2018
Integration of Experimentally Derived Rock Properties into Characterization Workflows
Speaker: Ramil Ahmadov, New England Research, Inc., Houston, Texas
Location: ConocoPhillips Building, Room ANO-259; 700 G Street, Anchorage

November 4-8, 2018
AMA - Alaska Miners Association. Annual convention, exhibition and short courses
Location: Dena’ina Center, Anchorage


AGS Luncheons

See Past Luncheons

October 24, Tuesday
Speaker: Dr. Michelle Coombs, USGS Alaska Volcano Observatory
Topic: "Forecasting and Detection During the 2017 Eruption of Alaska's Bogoslof Volcano"

November 7 , Tuesday (Note time: 8-11 am)
Speaker: David Houseknecht USGS
Topic: "Nanushuk-Torok Assessment Review"

November 21, Tuesday
Speaker: Tom Homza, Shell Exploration and Production
Topic: "A Geologic Interpretation of the Chukchi Sea Petroleum Province: Offshore Alaska, USA"

December 13, Thursday
(Note: This meeting is with GSA)
Speaker: Dr. Shuvajit (Jit) Bhattacharya, UAA
Topic: TBA

Other Events of Interest

October 11-12, Wednesday - Thursday
US-Canada Northern Oil and Gas Research Forum 2017
Location: Dena’ina Center, 6oo W. Seventh Avenue, Anchorage

October 12, Thursday
Geological Society of Alaska
Topic: “Surface issues in the field: Planning ahead with airborne LiDAR”
Presenter: Tamra Beauboeuf, Airborne Imaging
Location: ConocoPhillips, 700 G St. ATO-1, Anchorage

October 19-21, Wednesday - Thursday
Alaska Federation of Natives Annual Convention
Location: Dena’ina Center, 6oo W. Seventh Avenue, Anchorage

November 1
USGS - Ernest Leffingwell talk, Janet Collins
Location: USGS, Anchorage

November 5-11
AMA - Alaska Miners Association Annual Convention
Location: Dena'Ina Center, Anchorage

November 9, Thursday
Geological Society of Alaska
Topic: “TBA”
Presenter: Fugro Geosciences
Location: ConocoPhillips, 700 G St. ATO-1, Anchorage

November 15, Wednesday
Society of Petroleum Engineers
Doug Cismoski BP Alaska, “A report on BP’s findings regarding the gas leak on GPB DS02-0, and the potential impacts to future well design in permafrost”
Location: BP Alaska, Anchorage

November 15-16, Wednesday-Thursday
RDC - 38th Annual Alaska Resources Conference
Location: Dena'Ina Center, Anchorage

November 16, Thursday
AAEP - Brown Bag Speaker Series
Location: BP Energy Center, Anchorage

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