2009 Bylaw Changes


The 2009 Elections will take place at the Annual meeting and Luncheon, May 21st, 2009.  Members may vote by ballot at this meeting, or mail in their ballot by this date.  Ballots will be received by Newsletter.

In addition to election of AGS Officers and new board members, there is a vote to amend the AGS bylaws.  This amendment to the AGS bylaws is necessary to meet IRS requirements for the change to 501c3 non-profit tax status that allows tax deductible contributions to AGS.

The Membership must vote to Approve or Disapprove these amendments to the AGS bylaws in order for them to be adopted (or not).

Please read the  Letter from AGS Board, Current Bylaws and Amended Bylaws (downloadable in Acrobat PDF format).




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