Tuesday, March 15, 2016 AGS Luncheon

"Drilling Program Outlook in Aging PBU"

Noon Luncheon 11:30-1:00 pm

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Scott Digert holds degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Colorado in Boulder and Petroleum Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.  He joined ARCO in 1985 and worked as a reservoir engineer and subsurface development team leader in the Rockies, Alaska, California, and the North Sea.  He joined BP in 2000 as part of the ARCO merger, and has worked in Alaska since then in roles dealing with LNG business development, the proposed large scale gas pipeline to Chicago, viscous and heavy oil development, and field development in Milne Point and Prudhoe Bay.  He is currently the Reservoir Management and Greater Prudhoe Bay East Area reservoir development manager, responsible for full field development planning and development activities in the East side of GPB.


Speaker: Scott Digert, BP

The Prudhoe Bay Field is the largest field in North America, and is the cornerstone of the 22 oil and gas fields which have been developed on Alaska’s North Slope.  It has been developed using five major depletion mechanisms.  Technologies developed and implemented at Prudhoe Bay have yielded 30% more recovery to date than the original expectation of ultimate recovery.  As the remaining light oil column is drawn down, BP and the other Working Interest Owners are finding and implementing drilling options to exploit the current play types.  Examples of recent wells drilled into Far Upstructure Romeo, Sub-HOT, Waterflood Pattern Rotation, and Sag River Proof of Concept play types are presented.  The increasing dominance of gas production both in the reservoir and in the surface facilities is shown, and the potential impact of major gas sales on ultimate hydrocarbon recovery is illustrated.

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