Wednesday, October 14, 2015 AGS Luncheon

"Alaskan Dinosaurs in the Big Picture"

Noon Luncheon 11:30-1:00 pm

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The last decade has witnessed a rennaiscance in Alaskan dinosaur paleontology, stemming from the discovery of new sites and the re-examination of previously discovered fossils. Dinosaurs (and marine reptiles) have now been found in literally every corner of the state and span nearly the entire Mesozoic. Triassic marine reptiles, such as ichthyosaurs and thalattosaurs are known from successions in Southeast and the Brooks Range. Jurassic dinosaurs and marine reptiles are relatively rare, and occur at scattered localities in the southern half of the state. The majority of dinosaur discoveries are Cretaceous in age, and include some of the most significant polar dinosaur localities known. This presentation will provide an overview of major Mesozoic sites in Alaska, with an emphasis on the Prince Creek Formation, which provides unparalleled data on polar dinosaurs from high paleolatitudes.


Speaker: Patrick Druckenmiller, Earth Sciences Curator, University of Alaska Museum and Associate Professor of Geology, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Patrick received his BA at the University of Wisconsin Madison, his MS at Montana State University Bozeman, and his PhD at the University of Calgary, Alberta. Pat’s research focuses on Mesozoic marine reptiles and dinosaurs, particularly those from high latitudes. Pat is currently involved in several field-based research projects, including marine reptiles from Svalbard, Norway, and numerous dinosaur sites from all across Alaska.

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