2019 AGS Scholarship Details

Application Form

Download Scholarship Application Form

Application Deadline

February 1, 2019 (midnight)
NOTE: All required forms are due at this time.

Submit Form via Email:

Email all documents by midnight February 1, 2019 to
smkarl107@gmail.com with the subject line “2019 AGS Scholarship”

Submit Form via US Mail:

AGS Scholarship Committee
Alaska Geological Society
P.O. Box 101288
Anchorage, AK 99510

Scholarship grant recipients will be notified by March 20, 2019.


Contact Sue Karl
Phone: 907-441-8010


  1. Full time enrollment at an accredited institute of higher education.
  2. Status as a BA, BS, MS, or PhD candidate in geoscience or equivalent degree program.
  3. Project or thesis/dissertation topic focused on Alaskan geology or related geoscience topic.
  4. Having received the AGS Scholarship no more than two (2) times previously.  Previous awardees shall be additionally required to provide the Scholarship Committee with a summary of how previous funds were used.
  5. Applicants for Alaska Geological Society scholarships may not be related to any member or to any family member of the Scholarship Committee or Board of Directors of the Society.
Applications Should Include:
  1. AGS Scholarship application form
  2. A cover letter describing your personal and educational career goals, your interest in the Earth Sciences, your financial need, and how you would use the scholarship funds.  Examples of how to apply the funds include, but are not limited to, field camp, field work, research/lab fees, or tuition and books. If you are a past scholarship recipient, please include an update on how you used previous AGS funding. 
  3. A project description if you are an undergraduate student, or copy of your thesis proposal if you are a graduate student.
  4. A minimum of two letters of recommendation from those familiar with your academic record.  A third letter may be included if it contains important additional information.
  5. A copy of your transcripts from your current institution. If you are a first year graduate student, please also send a copy of your transcripts from your previous institution.  A formal confidential transcript is not required; a copy or unofficial transcript will suffice.

Students may apply for both the AGS and the Richter Memorial scholarships in the same calendar year. If a student wishes to apply for both scholarships, he/she must submit two separate cover letters addressed to the respective scholarship committees.  Upon receipt of the two cover letters, all other application components will automatically be forwarded to both scholarship committees.  AGS scholarship awards range from $500 to $3000.

The AGS Scholarship Committee will take into account all facets of the information received. Priority will be given to those individuals whose thesis work is intended towards publication of results. For those who receive a scholarship award,  an abstract (not exceeding 1000 words) summarizing preliminary or final results should be submitted to AGS for publication in our monthly newsletter within a year of the award.


Good Luck!

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