2014 AGS Scholarship Award Recipients

Recipient Project
Wai Allen, MS
Purdue University, $1000
Basin analysis of Miocene and Pliocene strata in the eastern Alaska Range:  Evaluating Neogene displacement along the eastern Denali fault system
Heather Evoy, BA
University of Alaska, Southeast, $500
Shore pine migration into southeast Alaska following the Last Glacial Maximum
Phil Frederick, PhD
Texas Tech University, $500
PSAAPG Award $1500
Conodont biogeography and stratigraphy of the Peratrovich Formation, Klawak Formation, and Ladrones Limestone (Mississippian to Pennsylvanian), southeastern Alaska
Timothy O’Brien, PhD
Stanford University, $1000
PSAAPG Award $1000
An evaluation for exhumation of mid-crustal rocks in the southern Brooks Range, Alaska: syn-convergent vs. post-orogenic extension
Shane Schinagel, MS
University of Texas, El Paso, $500
PSAAPG Award $1500
Geophysical model of the Castle Mountain fault, Alaska, in the subsurface: neotectonic forces and seismic hazards
Kaitlyn Suarez, BA
Union College, New York, $500
Thermal history and provenance of detrital zircons from the Chugach-Prince William terrane, Prince William Sound, Alaska
Trevor Waldien, MS
University of California, Davis, $2000
Characterizing Neogene uplift and exhumation along the Denali fault system in the eastern Alaska Range, Alaska

2014 Don Richter Memorial Scholarship Award Recipient

Recipient Project
Samantha Weaver, PhD
University of Hawaii, $2000
Quantification of conduit processes affecting the transition from powerful explosive behavior to lava effusion at Novarupta 1912, Alaska




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