2013 AGS Scholarship Award Recipients

Recipient Project
Sarah Falkowski, PhD
University of Tuebingen, Germany, $1250

Long-term deformation and exhumation processes at the Yakutat plate corner, Alaska

Laurel Walker, MS
University of Kentucky, $1250
Constraining abandonment ages and a slope diffusion equation for Quaternary fluvial terraces in the Nenana River valley, Alaska Range
Nilesh Dixit, PhD
University of Alaska, Fairbanks, $1000
Geologic CO2 sequestration and coal bed methane potential in coal-bearing clastic rocks of the southern Nenana basin, Interior Alaska
Megan Haserodt, MS
University of Wisconsin, $1000
Understanding the effect of roadways on the movement of groundwater through peatlands and potential impacts to salmon habitat, Kenai Lowlands, Alaska
Luke Hoffmann, Undergraduate
University of Alaska, Fairbanks, $500
Source, characteristics, and mining feasibility of magnetite from eolian sands in the Tetlin area, Alaska
Frank Pavia, Undergraduate
Columbia University, New York, $500

Reconstructing paleoclimate and carbon storage of Alaskan Peatlands during the Holocene

Jacquelyn Smith, MS
University of Alaska, Fairbanks, $500
Patterns and potential solutions to coastal geohazards at Golovin, Alaska

2013 Don Richter Memorial Scholarship Award Recipient

Recipient Project
Allen Schaen, MS 
University of Wisconsin, $2000

Potential constraints on Aleutian arc inception: new geochronologic data from Amatignak and Ulak Islands, Alaska




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