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Report Available - 1964 Alaska Earthquake Engineering Report - pdf
Geologic and Engineering report on the Earthquake damage sustained in Anchorage by Dr. Ruth Schmidt, who is one of the AGS founders. It was made availabe by Ms. Ann Pasch.

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Bedrock Geology of the Glenn Highway from Anchorage to Sheep Mountain, Alaska
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2015 Field Guide to the Mesozoic Arc and Accretionary Complex of South-Central Alaska, Indian to Hatcher Pass
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Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Paleoenvironments of the Cantwell Formation, Denali National Park, Alaska; A Field Guidebook
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2011 Field Guide to the Accretionary Complex and Neotectonics of South-Central Alaska, Anchorage to Seward
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Field Guide to the Mesozoic
Accretionary Complex in
Kachemak Bay and Seldovia
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January 17, 2017

""New Insights into the Regional Stratigraphy of the Brookian Sequence in Northern Alaska: Case Studies on the Power of Merging Outcrop and Subsurface Data"

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